CATTLEYA is affiliated with “Fenapapedish”

The Fenapapedish is the Honduran National Federation of Parents of Children with Dissabilities. They monitor the association and assist with helping to meet and stay current with government standards.

CATTLEYA is an Association of Parents and Friends of People with Disabilities.

A Private Non Profit, Non Political Organization which operates without prejudice of race, religion, age or sexual preference. Promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities into our society by implementing Programs of Rehabilitation and through Reinforcing their Abilities.


Our goal is for each physically and intellectually disabled child to achieve their full intellectual capability and integration as a functioning member of society through guidance and education.


To become a "model program" for people with disabilities in the Bay Islands, by mentoring families, children, teachers and community members through training and education.


• Individual Education Plan (IEP) to Student Services
• Establish a government accredited, full-time school for children with special needs.
• Provide materials and resource training for individuals with disabilities.
• Establish job training for young adults with disabilities.
• Provide rehabilitation, recreation and educational activities to assure our students achieve their full potential and finally achieve inclusion into society.
• Provide training, resources and support groups to parents.
• Educate school professionals and regular community through seminars and public awareness activities.