Disabled people have been ignored, neglected, abused, and called retarded in many cultures throughout history. Many of them are unable to work in traditional jobs and therefore are seen to be a burden since they cannot contribute to the community. Fortunately, that has changed in many places as workplaces are being customized so their disability is no longer a hindrance. But as with everything else it takes time to change people’s perception, and history is still shaping how societies value disabled persons. 

The authorities in Honduras have not followed through regarding their responsibility for the betterment of disabled people, apart from if they have no custodians. In this case, the disabled can become a ward of the state and are placed in an institution.

Therefore to be able to provide the appropriate Individualised Education Programs and personal care techniques, for the disabled here on the Bay Islands, we are dependent on the interest and devotion of individuals, and on donations. The Cattleya Center is such an institution that educates and teaches personal care techniques, for young disabled people to function better in everyday life and thus gain social value and become more functional in the home situation and therefore a lesser burden on parents and family where possible. Cattleya also ensures that relatives gain knowledge about the child’s challenges and limitations but also its opportunities.

In sum, we give the disabled status and proof that disability can become an ability and that disabled people have the same value as others.

We currently have 19 students, but many more in the community should be taken care of and given a chance to improve their abilities. The board consists of volunteers who try to oversee the center’s management. A part of the board’s mission is to ensure that the knowledge of the ongoing work being done to enable the disabled is known and create a change in attitude towards the disabled within society.      

To create continuity for our work for and with the disabled, we need donations. Your collective donations will provide us with the means to continue Cattleya and to develop further the education and training for the disabled on the Bay Islands.