CATTLEYA began as a result of parents seeing the need for support groups
and need to help their children develop their abilities to be included
in an educational program that would meet their needs and treat them with respect.
We began to seek assistance from other Governmental and NGO programs in Tegucigalpa. This is where the beginning of an affiliation was made with FENAPAPEDISH “The National Federation of Parents of Children with Disabilities in Honduras. With the Federation coaching we were able to obtain our status of NGO in 2015 after two years of hard work and the help of Mr Romeo Silvestri, the Congressman of the Bay Islands during that period. During this period in 2012 some of the mothers located a Space from the Family Worship Center in a clinic for the children to receive the attention the parents were seeking. With only one part time teacher and two volunteers we began to see an increase in children whose parents brought them to the center. At one point there were 23. Unfortunately at the end of 2014 the part time teacher left for a better offer. As a result more than half of the children dropped out of the program for lack of teachers/therapists and means to pay for operating expense.

CATTLEYA embraces volunteers; however it cannot build its program on volunteers. Its needs are to be at least partially staffed with the proper professionals and the means to meet its commitment to provide a successful program: Special Education Teacher,Social Worker, Occupational Therapists and teachers aids.

Opportunities Offered by Cattleya

In 2016 we got the opportunity for a group of 8 specialist in psychology and special education to come to our Center to evaluate each child, as requested by the Honduran board of Education in order for our Center CEDICA, to be inscribe as a Special needs School. Because of the cost of these evaluation that you would have to travel to the main land to get, this was a great opportunity and we all came together to raise the money for their stay, because this was the only request they had.

Another opportunity offered by our “Parent Association” thru the Learning Center was a full 5 Day Course to train individuals who where interested in the field of Special Needs. A group of professionals from California, specialized in this area will be offering workshops to help improve skills and implement an ongoing follow up program. The goal was to open up this course to at least 15 individuals from the community at a cost of $100.00 for the 5 Day course of which we hope to raise these funds with an activity.

To summarize, CATTLEYA offers opportunities for all who wanted to take advantage of its mission and its statement:
To help people reach their maximum potential and that includes, Parents, Siblings, Children with disabilities, and people in the Community.

CATTLEYA is a Non Profit Organization – It was formed because a group of Mothers of children with disabilities came together to become advocates and form a support group for each other and all others. The result today, years later is a Learning Center called, CEDICA “Centro Educativo de Dessarollo Inclusivo CATTLEYA ” (Center of Development for Inclusive Education).

CATTLEYA means “Con Amor, Trabajo y Terapia, Logramos Educar y Avanzar” (With Love, Work and Therapy we Educate and Advocate).

CATTLEYA needs many things in accomplishing it’s Mission. If you or someone you know might like to learn more about our Learning Center or join our advocate group, please contact us at:cattleyaroatan@gmail.com or message/call: #504-9949-9114

It could be YOU, that will make a DIFFERENCE in the life of a child with a disability, by turning his/her “DISABILITY into his/her ABILITY!! HELP A CHILD “DISCOVER HIS/HER ABILITIES TODAY!!