Where there is a will, there is a way. You may begin by contacting us to learn more about our immediate needs. There are many ways that you can help. And we certainly welcome Professionals in the field of disabilities.

Monthly Sponsorship
*One Time Donations
*Fundraiser Activity
*Help in "Parent Contributions"
*Parent Activities and workshops

This is where the Need to "Sponsor a Child with Special Needs" started.

CATTLEYA LEARNING CENTER "CEDICA"is a School (Project) Operated by CATTLEYA Association (Parent Advocate Group) Providing Services for children with disabilities.
Your donation will be used to help sponsor the cost of a child with special needs (who cannot pay their 10%) to be enrolled in an education program. Also help their families to receive training so they can be more involved in working with their children to re-enforce the skills they learn. Helping to see better results and improved progress in their development. This reflects also into the communities as they become more self confident and are able to do a variety of jobs. End result, leading to promote independent living. We would like to thank the people who believe in us and who are willing to help sponsor those in need.