CEDICA is a Learning Center where children, ages 3 thru 23 are Welcome to learn, train and socially interact with others. The Program begins with early intervention and parent support in helping prepare themselves and their children with learning skills to help them reach their individual goals.

Our Facility and Program

– Location – In French Harbour, Roatan.

Hours of Operation – from 8:30 am until 3:30 pm.
Services – Small Groups and One on One learning

Opportunities – Open to Short Term Volunteers and Teacher Training

Long-term, full-time Academic Plan

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic – We are currently re-evaluating our immediate needs in order to prepare for Long-term Plans.

The services our school will offer students are the following:

Our Present Services at CEDICA Include:

Because of COVID-19 Pandemic more emphasis are being implemented in certain areas such as

– Accessing the NEW needs of each individual child
– Determine which students need individual attention programs
– Determine which students can continue in group session programs
– Re-evaluating daily schedule
– Implementing NEW Social Skills