TEACHERS APPRECIATION - Our teachers this year have done a great work with the increasing amount of smaller children who began just this year. With Special Needs children most of them require one on one attention when they are new to a program. Most will need to receive behavior modification therapy before beginning a program. This requires parent involvement , which can be the most challenging to deal with.

VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION - Spring and Summer of 2018 has been a big year for new volunteers as well as others who continue to contribute to our program like Speech Pathologist Kerry Ticchi and first time, Teacher Lynn Kingcaid, who spent the whole summer teaching sign language.

VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES - CATTLEYA would like to Welcome those who offered to help us in Activities that benefit our program. Specially with Fundraising activities which will help us to finish 2018 school year and plans to begin a New and Promising 2019.
Because we will be finishing this year with a waitlist for next year, we already know that we will have to ask for sponsorship for a teacher salary. This can be in the range of Lps.18,000 to Lps.24,000.00 depending on the experience and certification.
2018 - Fundraising Activities

- Cattleya Thermal Cups
- Cattleya Clutches and Ornaments
- Cattleya Art and Crafts Activity
- Cattleya Tea Cup / Hat Party
- Cattleya GoFundMe Mike Carter “Match” Campaign
- Cattleya GoFundMe Sponsor a Child Campaign
- Cattleya Recipe book

For Cattleya Association - Our job and duty as an advocate group of parents is to :

- Learn all that we can
- Support each other - Train teachers
- Teach children
- Implement Vocational workshops
- Work with Community Awareness
- Facilitate Independent Living

Help spread the word!

To all who have been there for our advocacy group from the beginning and those who continue to follow and support with our program and Learning Center. Cattleya or any non-profit for that matter is not about one person, but sometimes it takes one person to stand up for a cause. Maybe you want to call that person a leader? Or the head?, however, no one person can do much for a community on their own, so it does take a group or team of people with many different talents to do a good work. It is mostly about how you can make a difference and taking on our responsibility as a member of society to do our part in whatever we can to be a contributing member to our communities.