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Con Amor, Trabajo y Terapia Logramos Educar y Avanzar

For Cattleya Association - Our job and duty as an advocate group of parents is to:

- Learn all that we can
- Support each other
- Train teachers
- Teach children
- Implement Vocational workshops
- Work with Community Awareness
- Facilitate Independent Living

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To all who have been there for our advocacy group from the beginning and those who continue to follow and support with our program and Learning Center. Cattleya or any non-profit for that matter is not about one person, but sometimes it takes one person to stand up for a cause. Maybe you want to call that person a leader? Or the head?, however, no one person can do much for a community on their own, so it does take a group or team of people with many different talents to do a good work. It is mostly about how you can make a difference and taking on our responsibility as a member of society to do our part in whatever we can to be a contributing member to our communities.